Thursday, October 22, 2009

WIP: Dungeon Rats

Finishing up several new props for this year’s Halloween display which will feature several large five foot rats named “Riff” and “Raff”. The mangy and malnourished rats are made from strip and pulp papier mache and will stand guard over the entrance to the cemetery.

WIP: Pumpkins v2.0

Eight new pumpkins are in the final phases of construction, some new techniques allow for the creation of different shapes and more extruded three dimensional faces. A few of the pumpkins are quite large standing over three feet tall.

WIP: Sentinel Modifications

The Sentinel statues created last spring received some modifications including shortening and straightening in order to make them suitable to be placed on top of cemetery columns. The addition of paper towel soaked in papier mache paste added the ragged robe/cloth effect.


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