Friday, August 26, 2011

Abstract (EPIC)

The Art of War.

If you have boys you probably know the term “Airsoft,” as in Airsoft guns…the modern equivalent of the BB gun.

Anyway part of this summer’s activity for both of my sons has been staging EPIC Airsoft Wars.

The definition of an Airsoft War is getting a bunch of your best buds together and shooting each other with little plastic balls.

 (Proper eye protection required)

Part of the fun comes in creating elaborate Airsoft courses complete with barricades and fortresses to protect oneself against the barrage of flying plastic stingers.

Yesterday my youngest son staged another EPIC Airsoft War in our backyard and it was quite a sight to see.

Pallets, wheelbarrows and crates were all utilized to create the most EPIC warzone imaginable.

Then Kyle decided to make some shields out of cardboard.

He also decided to paint them.

And this was the result.

An EPIC abstract painting.

I’m tempted to frame the dang thing and put it up on for $3,000.

Somebody would buy it.

“EPIC”, an acrylic abstract painting by Kyle A. Stoll.

Good job for a kid that thinks he has no creative juice whatsoever.

EPIC indeed.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Pumpkin Workshop

Class Description:

Spend four fun filled evenings at Legacy Art Studio and Gallery in Midland Michigan creating your very own papier mache pumpkin.

Scott A. Stoll will teach you a variety of techniques and lead you through the process of building an incredible pumpkin using your own design.

The class is fun, fast paced and chances are good you will make a few new friends during the process.

All tools and materials are supplied and no experience is required.

Time and Dates: 

Tuesday, September 27th 6-9pm

Thursday, September 29th  6-9pm

Tuesday, October 4th 6-9pm

Thursday, October 6th 6-9pm

Cost: $95.00 per person.


To register please contact Hannah Manges at 989-835-1655

Legacy Art Studio and Gallery,  716 George Street, Midland, Michigan


The Great Pumpkin Workshop is recommended for ages 12 and older. Participants will need to use a variety of tools such as scissors, sharp blades and hot glue guns. The class is physical requiring standing, bending and lifting during each three hour session. Please wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing. The workshop uses wheat flour, drywall joint compound, white glue and latex paint and may be unsuitable for those sensitive to these materials.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Sightings

The Midland County Fair is going on this week and while browsing the 4-H Pavillion a few things caught my eye.

Tucked amid the thousands of items on display were some Halloween goodies as well as a few pieces made from papier mache….a little bit of October in the dog days of August.

The trolls even made it to the fair.

Spooky gingerbread house.

 Lots of Halloween crafts.

  Papier mache something.

Gourd carving.

Real pumpkins.

Papier mache "Despicable Me" guy.

Cool T-shirt.

More miscellaneous Halloween.


Papier mache piggie.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some New Pumpkins

Just finished three new pumpkins to be displayed at a local art gallery to promote an upcoming papier mache workshop. 

Simple trash bag technique, took about three hours each to complete.

Workshop details coming soon.

Last Call

Last call for entries. Contest ends Thursday, August 11th at the stroke of midnight EDT.

Click the picture for details of the 2nd Annual Build Me A Pumpkin Contest.


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