Friday, March 20, 2009

Haunted Busts

Managed to finish my March entry for The Mad Lab contest.
For those unfamiliar with The Mad Lab, it's a monthly contest that challenges you to create something from a specific item. The item or items are different every month and the contest proves to be a challenge and great motivator. In addition to the satisfaction of creating something cool you are also eligible to win some great prizes.

This month's contest required you to build something from plastic CD cases or jewel cases. My concept was to use the cases as the base for some haunted busts. The busts were made from papier mache as well as an assortment of recycled items such as aluminum cans, cereal boxes and newspaper.

Check out The Mad Lab at and give the contest your best shot, it's fun, it's rewarding and before you know it you will also have a bunch of new props for the Halloween season. While you are in the lab make sure to stop by and say hello to your host Marsha aka jekyllandhyde, she is devious, conniving and scheming but that's what makes her special.

Seriously Marsha is a great haunter and a very fun person so check out the lab and see what you've been missing.


Ghoul Friday said...

I love all your stuff, but I think these are the coolest things you've made in a while.


Thanks GF!

Anonymous said...

"...devious, conniving and scheming..."

Flattery will get you everywhere! lol

Thanks for the kind words and thank for sharing all your fantastic creations in the Lab. It's always amazing to see what you conjure up.


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