Sunday, November 8, 2009

Building Columns . . .

Four new columns and fencing were created for the 2009 display.

The columns were made from scrap lumber including old 2x4's, recycled lumber from an old swing set and thin plywood. The brick pattern was achieved by coating the surface with equal parts of latex paint, joint compound and pulped paper (cellulose fiber insulation). The addition of the paper to the mix created a very rough and thick texture. The brick pattern was "drawn" into the paint/joint compound/paper.

Painting consisted of painting the columns dark gray, then dry brushing with white primer. Diluted black latex paint was sprayed onto the columns creating an aged and weathered appearance.


Dixie said...

FABULOUS idea of adding the pulp to the Monster Mud!!! The brick pattern looks amazing, and the paint job is great!

Lyman said...

The monster-mud masonry looks totally realistic. Kudos!


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