Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Pirates Revisited

A few months ago I was asked for some more information regarding the way that I created the papier mache pirate skulls. The post over at www.stolloween.com only discusses the reason why I made 15 pirate skulls and does not go into any detail as far as the actual construction.

The pirates were made as an experiment for me to gauge how quickly I could create a certain number of props. The skulls also allowed me to evaluate my workspace and organizational requirements. During the construction process I was more concerned with creating vs. documenting so there are only a few photos showing the works in progress.

Based on the few photos I do have I can share the following information.

The eye patches were made from a piece of recycled cardboard coated with fabric and monster mud.

The hats which I thought would be the most difficult part were simply a piece of poster board cut to into the desired shape (i.e. three sided hat, captain hat, etc.) then the sides were either folded or rolled to create the final hat armature. Many photos of pirate hats were used as reference. Note how pieces of corrugated cardboard are used to support the final shape.

Earrings were created with utility wire then covered with papier mache clay, the chain was also made by sculpting papier mache clay.

Accessories such as knives or daggers were created with corrugated cardboard, strip mache and monster mud.

Bandanas were made from fabric coated with monster mud.

The eyeballs were simply papier mache clay molded in the bottom half of a plastic Easter egg shell.

Adornments on the hats were cut from craft foam and glued directly onto the papier mache hats and eye patches.

Twine and yarn were utilized for hair.

The whole construction process was basically a lesson of using whatever works. The pirate skulls are very much multi-medium pieces incorporating papier mache, clays, monster mud, fabric, twines, foam and cardboard. If you’ve got it, then use it!


PumpkinBrain said...

Wow, these pirates are awesome! Very impressive work!

aSmarterU said...

Thanks for the extra info on your process. I've loved those pirate skulls ever since you first posted them.

It would be even better if you had them on bodies! Someday right???

Pam Morris said...

cool! always amazed at how you just create this stuff out of almost nothing! thanks for the how-to!


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