Monday, June 28, 2010

Enter The Mad Lab (If You Dare)

I was thrilled to learn that DEMONIKUS, the piece I created for the June 2010 Mad Lab ended up winning this month’s contest.

The Mad Lab is a truly wonderful concept where each month you are challenged to create a spooky prop using the month’s SEI or “Specific Everyday Item.”

This last contest marked my eleventh entry into The Lab and my fourth win .

My heart goes out to Marsha, aka Jekyll and Hyde for creating this site because in doing so I have been pushed to create some of my most popular creations including my pumpkins, gargoyles and haunted busts.

The prizes offered every month are cool but the true satisfaction is forcing yourself to conjure up a concept and meet a deadline.

If you need a boost to your mojo or just need an excuse to quit procrastinating then visit The Mad Lab and let your creative juices run rampant.

Visit the site July 1st for a new challenge, I will see you there and we can do battle together!

Note: The above photo shows ten of my entries into The Mad Contest.


PeanutGnome said...

If you stuff wasn't so good - and I learn something from all of them - I'd say quit being so... good. :-)

That site is amazing when to comes to kicking you in the butt and getting the creativity fired up. It's also amazing to see what people can build out of their SEI each month - I'm amazed at some of the warped minds out there, and why I never thought of "using that to do..that" before. I just have to start building more things to enter!

The Frog Queen said...

Congrats! I agree it is a great idea and I hope someday to be talented enough to give it a try...but you (and all the other very talented artists) are not helping matters much :D

Congrats again...looking forward to your next creation.



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