Monday, April 4, 2011

Wall of Survivors

This is something I had totally forgotten about.

Shift the Wayback Machine to 1993 when my soon-to-be wife and I created a commercial haunted house called “Danger County Mine”, an abandoned gold mine adventure where the guests traveled through dilapidated shafts in search of lost miners only to encounter an array of haunted house scares.

The whole experience was fun and we managed to pretty much break even and have enough money left over to treat our friend and family volunteers to dinner and drinks.

A free meal for three days and nights of hard work, what a deal.


At the conclusion of the haunt we gave our guests a chance to immortalize their journey by signing our “Wall Of Survivors.”

The “Wall” was large sheets of paper attached to the wall next to the exit and it was something that our guests really seemed to enjoy.

Scribbled on the sheets were signatures as well as a variety of messages and shout outs.

This idea would be fun for anyone to incorporate into their haunt or yard display, simply give your guests a chance to express themselves.

The cost is almost nothing (paper and some markers) and the result is a fun way for them to punctuate their experience and serves as a fun memento for you.

My wife and I looked over the rolls of paper and the signatures that were scribed almost 18 years ago with a mix of humor and sadness as many of those that cared enough to sign our wall have since passed.

Bittersweet to say the least.


The Gill-Man said...

That's actually a really cool idea! If I ever manage to do a commercial haunt, I'm totally stealing this idea!

The Frog Queen said...

That is suuuuper cool! What a great idea. We have comment cards...but this is far more creative. Thanks for the great idea.

That is just amazing!!



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