Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meet Mr. Squiggs

Mr. Squiggs was a grumpy, grouchy and nasty old man. Mr. Squiggs didn’t like children, animals or grown-ups. The only thing Mr. Squiggs really liked was Halloween and being left alone.

Sounds like my biography.

Mr. Squiggs is the main character in The Magic Pumpkin, a book by Lucille E. Sette and illustrated by Phyllis L. Tildes published in 1984.

Over the years I have found many Halloween themed children’s books at garage sales, thrift stores and used book sales.

These books offer something wonderful to the adult reader, they are like bite sized pieces of candy offering instant gratification when looking for a Halloween fix. The story is the candy shell and the illustrations are the nougat filling.

The next time you feel the need for an inspirational boost try thumbing through the pages of an old Halloween children’s book because you just might find something that sparks your imagination.

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