Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's Up With All The Old Photos?

Blasts From The Past

Over the next several weeks you may feel you've stepped into some weird backwards space-time continuum as you see a lot of old photos being posted on this blog.

No worries, I’m in the processes of working on a short documentary that will serve as my demo reel and am in the process of sorting and scanning thousands (yes, thousands) of old photos.

Some of the photos are needed for my demo but I’m also finally transferring all of our family photos so that they are safe, organized and preserved for our two sons.

The prints are the first step, next I need to go through about 500 discs that contain all the digital photos we have taken over the past decade.

If you enjoy seeing the old stuff that is cool.

If you want to see new creations you will have to wait for a bit.

Back to scanning.

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