Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ever since I was a kid I loved zombies - I thought they were the best things ever and that was way before it was cool to like zombies.

Join us for four evenings of icky, sticky, rotted zombie building fun. Participants create their own life-sized severed zombie head using a variety of papier mache techniques and commonly found recycled items. During the workshop we will watch and discuss some classic zombie films, occasionally stopping to dissect some of our favorite scenes.

This unique experience is recommended for those 16 years and older. The workshops can be physically demanding requiring participants to stand, kneel,  lift and work in uncomfortable positions. Papier mache can be a bit messy so please dress accordingly. The class uses a variety of non-hazardous materials such as flour, glue and joint compound, as well as latex and acrylic paints.

Workshop cost is $100 per person which includes all tools and materials.

You are encouraged to bring your own drink and snack. No alcoholic beverages please.  Call (989) 750-6457 to register. Payment is due at the first class. Class size is limited to 8 seats. 
Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #3
Monday, June 17th.  6pm – 9pm
Wednesday, June 19th.  6pm – 9pm
Monday, June 24th. 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday, June 26th.  6pm – 9pm

Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #4
- Weekend Warrior Edition
Saturday, July 13th.   1pm – 4pm
Sunday, July 14th.  1pm – 4pm
Saturday, July 20th.  1pm – 4pm
Sunday, July 21st.  1pm – 4pm

Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #5
Monday, August 5th.  6pm – 9pm
Wednesday, August 7th.  6pm – 9pm
Monday, August 12th. 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday, August 14th.  6pm – 9pm

Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #6
- Weekend Warrior Edition
Saturday, August 17th.   1pm – 4pm
Sunday, August 18th.   1pm – 4pm
Saturday, August 24th.   1pm – 4pm
Sunday, August 25th.  1pm – 4pm

Severed Zombie Heads Workshop #7
Tuesday, August 20th.   6pm – 9pm
Thursday, August 22nd.   6pm – 9pm
Tuesday, August 27th.  6pm – 9pm
Thursday, August 29th.  6pm – 9pm

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Countess VonRauber (Heidi) said...

This looks like an awesome workshop! Too bad I don't live close enough to take it. Have you considered doing a how-to video?

Amazing work as always :)


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