Friday, November 4, 2016

Drawlloween 2016

This October I had a great time participating in the 2016 Drawlloween Challenge where basically you do one drawing per day based on a calendar or prompt.

Nothing formal, just relaxing fun.

Here are my 31 drawings.

Day 2. Carnival Creeps

Day 3. Mummy Monday
Day 28. Ghosts-A-Go-Go.

Day 4. Tentacle Tuesday

Day 5. Better Gnomes & Goblins

Day 7. What Lies In The Mist?

Day 9. He's a Dummy, Doll.

Day 10. Demonday.

Day 12. I've Got A Hunchback.

Day 13. Thursday The Thirteenth.

Day 14. Scarecrow Row.

Day 17.  Mad Science Monday.

Day 16. Full Moon!

Day 18. Nosfera-Tuesday.

Day 19. Witchcraft Wednesday.

Day 20. Horses & Headless Men.

Day 22. Bat-urday.

Day23. Superstition Sunday.

Day 24. Mechanical Monstrosity.

Day 25. Entombed Tuesday.

Day 26. They Came From Outerspace!

Day 27. Call Of C'Thursday.

Day 29. Black Caturday.

Day 30. S,kulls & Skeletons.

Day 31. Trick "R" Treat.

Day 8. 8 Legs. 1,000 Eggs.

Day One. Return From The Dead.

Day15. Drive-In Creature Feature.

Day 21. Phantom Phriday.\

Day 11. Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs.

Day 6. Urban Legends.

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