Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post Halloween

Halloween 2008 has come and gone, overall a very successful display and much fun. The past couple of weeks I've sort of neglected this blog but have a lot of things to post over the next month. One of the best things about this past year is the amount of incredible photos sent to me by people that have been inspired by the projects on, photos I hope to share in the coming weeks.

After I finish packing everything away and doing some much needed organization I will get back to regular posting and updating...plans are already in the works for next year and a couple of projects will get started next week.

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Anonymous said...

We tried making our first projects Halloween 2008, using your recipes. We had so much fun.
You guys ROCK! Not sure if I emailed Scott about this last year, but we have a friend in Vegas that has "Fright Dome" Jason Eagan is the owner and friend. He is very big out there for Haunted Attractions in Circus Circus/Adventure Dome every Halloween. Maybe you might want to contact him and see if he can use any of your work.That is if you are interested. You can tell Sheila from HiGlow referred you. We were his Glow Merchandisers in 2003.
If you are interested and can't get a hold of him, email me and I will call him.
If you have any questions email me and I can explain more.
Talk soon


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