Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Big 500

Welcome to my 500th post!

This blog celebrates the 500th post since 2008, and while the breakdown of 100 posts per year is not particularly noteworthy it is worth acknowledging that 95% of the  posts are original content….my works in progress, obscure observations, simple tutorials and the exploration of things I find fascinating.

This blog is the informal companion to my anchor site which is home to my papier mache tutorials.

This blog has featured everything from my thoughts on making large papier mache trolls to instructions on making a three dimension DNA model for my son’s school science project. This site is very eclectic ranging from cool vinyl Halloween records found at the local thrift store to my thoughts on the latest horror film I saw in the theater.

ScottyArt is what it is…sort of my personal diary of what’s happening in my world….including my reviews (over-indulgence) of the seasonal pumpkin beers.

500 was fun…1,000 will be a riot.

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