Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Animal Anatomy for Artists

Checked out this book a while back from our local library and immediately fell in love. Animal Anatomy for Artists by Eliot Goldfinger is an exquisite collection of black and white skeleton and muscle illustrations that are not only informational but also inspirational.

Here is an editorial review:

“Goldfinger, author of Human Anatomy for Artists (1991), stresses that bodies have specific volumes created by anatomical structures, and he reveals how the interrelationship of muscles and bones determines shape and proportion. His straightforward guide starts with animal classification and a listing of nonmedical terminology and then explicates the "basic body plan." Detailed line drawings, black-and-white photographs, and silhouettes, as well as explanations of skeletons, emphasize the functions of various body portions such as lower leg and shoulder joint, and Goldfinger thoroughly depicts individual muscles before progressing to elaborate side views and cross sections of complete anatomies. Feathers, horns, and antlers are treated separately with both diagrams and photos before the text concludes with a brief overview of the venous system. Many will find especially useful the extensive, multimedia, annotated bibliography. This technical treasure is sure to find an audience among artists and serious animal enthusiasts alike.

Whitney Scott
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