Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sneak Peek #1

The next several weeks will be consumed with the construction of my HauntForum $20 Prop Challenge entry. This will be my second time entering this contest and my current concept is quite fun while being quite ambitious considering budget constraints.

Here is a quick snapshot of my progress, albeit the photos are nondescript but they will be supplemented with a clue relating to the mystery prop.

Photo #1: The Starting Point.

Clue #1: The first of three proposed new pieces for our 2010 Halloween Display.


GhoulishCop said...

Well, I tried to zoom in on your clipboard to read what you had written there, but it got too distorted at such a great magnification!

Can't wait to see what this becomes!


Dawn said...

Aw, what a tease!!! C'mon now, hurry, hurry - I can't wait to seeeeee!

Jonty said...

Sneak peek!, lol love the build up lol.

Jake said...

Every idea I have gets thrown off by the next clue, so far this one has me stumped!


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