Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Business (Specimen Jars)

This is an idea I’ve been wanting to try for a while ...making some specimen jars.

I love all the witch and potion jars that other haunters have created and thought it would be fun to take a stab at this project with my own twist.

My specimen jars will look (hopefully) like they’ve come out of a 1950’s B-movie.

I will be using a combination of different techniques to created what I hope is almost a steampunk feel, heavy metal lids, complex locking mechanisms, rusted gears, coils, springs…a host of adornments that will hint at the danger locked inside each container.

This project started by taking 22 miscellaneous glass jars and staining the inside by coating them with a variety of shellacs and varnishes.

Oak stain for example gave clear glass a nice aged yellow look.

This project is a potpourri of creative fun; designing the lids, figuring out what goes inside and creating the labels.

Good creepy fun!


Pam Morris said...

what a cool idea--coating the inside with shellacs, etc. can't wait to see what you come up with!

Ghoul Friday said...

I've decided it's the year of the bottle. I have an entire box of random bottles downstairs I've been collecting for months with plans to finally make my own specimen jars. I know a few other haunters who have also decided to work bottles for the first time.

Is there a haunting collective consciousness that I don't know about?

Can't wait to see your final results.

Tay's Mache said...

I'm collecting bottles and jars and such for next year. I've already started planning next years haunt, haha. It is going to be a mad scientist/evil lair type theme, so that will require lots of specimen jars and stuff. There are so many neat things you can do with them.


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