Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perpetual Pumpkins

First off this could be the most boring photo I’ve ever posted on this blog … yawn … but here’s the story.

This morning I took the stuffing out of three new pumpkins that have been in the works.

One of the ways I make pumpkins is to fill a trash bag with crumpled newspaper or polyfill pillow stuffing and once the pumpkin is papier mached the fill material is removed.

Anyway after removing the stuffing I put crumpled newspaper in garbage bags to be thrown away…but as the three trash bags sat there I couldn’t resist turning them into more pumpkins.

Papier mache pumpkins are sort of like Amish Friendship bread, the stuff where you keep adding ingredients to the bag of dough and it never really ends.

Same concept.

When these three new pumpkins are done I’m sure the guts will get used again to make more pumpkins…and more pumpkins…and more pumpkins…


The Frog Queen said...

Perpetual Pumpkins is the best title for a blog post....ever :D


MarZel said...

I think its a good blog name too!!


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