Sunday, August 29, 2010

Concept to Completion

Original Concept Art

Completed Papier Mache

Over on I have been documenting the progress of my undead pumpkin build for Scott Alan Dimmick, the winner of a pumpkin on the STOLLOWEEN Facebook page.

It is sort of fun to look at the original concept artwork and the final piece. The finished piece is pretty close to the original concept.

I really enjoy working on pieces that are well mapped out, it takes the guess work our of the process and in a way sort of speeds things up but…I also enjoy working without a game plan and making things up as I go along…both processes work for me so I do a little of both in my prop building endeavors.


Pam Morris said...

fantastic work! what a lucky winner!

Mr. Chicken said...

Looking great! I like the twine. will that be coated in something or painted?

I love seeing the concept art compared to the final product... it's always an interesting insight


Mr. C...yes the twine will be soaked/coated in latex paint to match the color scheme of the painted will be flexible and allow for posing...if I had made this for myself I probably would have posed it and created all the vines with mache..but because it will be shipped and unassembled I came up with the twine thing....I think the twine is important to make it look cohesive...I guess I will find out tomorrow when I paint if it works :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Amazing! Looking forward to the finished pictures. BTW - this was super nice of you. I just love haunters they are the best people.



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