Wednesday, August 25, 2010

C.R.A.P. Files 001

Back in the 90’s I was really into collecting sci fi and horror toys.

After we had our kids I sort of toned down on the collecting and due to lack of space packed them away where they have sat for close to a decade.

Collecting stuff takes up a lot of space…around 30 rubber totes and boxes filled to the brim to be exact.

My better half continues to suggest I get rid of the “crap” as she calls it.

Yes it is crap but in my world crap stands for “Collectibles Retained And Packed” and for some odd reason I thought it would be enjoyable to start exploring the content of the boxes and sort of catalog my goods.

The first box I opened contained my Star Wars Phantom Menace collectible (see there is that word again) cups.

The cups were available at Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut when the movie premiered in 1999. I’m a Star Wars geek and these were too good to pass up at the time.

And you know what? I still like them….yup, I still like them.


CB said...

I remember those, I had them all. Don't know where they are now.

ShellHawk said...

Those are actually really cool!

halloween spirit said...

I remember these! We had one or two. As a Star Wars geek myself, I used the arrival of my kids as an excuse to buy more Star Wars "collectibles". :)


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