Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mighty Midland Mantis

One of my submissions for the 2013 Downtown Midland Sculpture Series was selected to be included in this year's event. Next week there is an artist's meeting to discuss details then it's forward go with the construction process. Very much looking forward to creating the Mantis, a nice change of pace from the usual Halloween craziness. Below is the description of the piece that was submitted to the judges.

Mighty Midland Mantis is a large four and a half foot tall praying mantis wood sculpture featuring bright colors and playful pose. The praying mantis is a mystical creature and it is often considered good luck when one is found in the garden, so it’s with that thought that I believe Mighty Midland Mantis would be a fun and positive addition to the 2013 Downtown Midland Larger Than Life Summer Sculpture Series.  The sculpture will be painted with very bright colors (greens, yellows and pinks) and will also feature the word “Midland” as part of the wing design.

Mighty Midland Mantis is constructed from pieces of ½ inch treated plywood, each piece cut from plywood then assembled in a puzzle fashion to create the final sculpture. A combination of hardware (bolts, screws, brackets) will be used in the assembly resulting in a very solid and durable sculpture that will withstand the elements and contact with the public. A base will be supplied with the sculpture.

The wood sculpture will be covered with a good quality exterior primer then painted with high quality exterior latex paint. The final piece will then be delivered for the automotive clear coat. In addition to the treated plywood the Mighty Midland Mantis will use a variety of metal hardware and metal rods to depict the antennas above each eye. 

A three foot circular base will be part of the sculpture.

Note: The mantis shown in these photos is a small miniature made from cardboard, the miniature serves as a guide and the pattern for the final sculpture. 

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