Saturday, September 20, 2008

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

My first attempt at corpsifying or reimagining a blucky; a cheap ass piece of plastic that in my opinion should be left on the store shelves.

Start from scratch, life would be easier.

Anyway, my goal was to turn this piece of plastic into some sort of corpse bride/female/ghoul. First procedure was to cut away the eye sockets and the mouth.

Homemade papier mache clay was added to define the skull the shape as well as some eyeballs made from polymer clay.

Next a layer of paperclay was added for texture and refinement. Here is Marsha in a variety of forms, playing around with glasses, hair and veil….not sure where she’ll end up.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly drastic change from the Blucky to Marsha... sometimes I am just awe struck at your talent.


this is the damnedest thing i ever saw, Stoll! well done :-)


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