Sunday, September 14, 2008

September WIP (Works In Progress)

I swear I’ve been in a crap ass mood the last couple of days thanks to the weather which has been mostly cold and wet. I’ve had a couple days where I didn’t even look at my props let alone think about working on them…but I have managed to get about eight pieces ready for paint and about six more close to being done.

Tree Faces. These are designed to be attached to a couple of very large trees in our front yard, a spooky greeting for our TOT’s. The challenge will be to paint them so they match the colors of the bark on the real trees…I think they will look pretty cool when done.
Working on three large Cyclops skulls…this is an exercise in weirdness as I’m not sure where they will finally end up...a fun process regardless of how they turn out.
Some ancient skulls I finished a couple of weeks ago. I wanted something that would look like they just came out of an archeological dig…an Indiana Jones prop. They feature a very interesting texture that was the result of coating the prop with a flour and water mixture then blasting with a heat gun until the paste bubbled and cracked…should look nice when painted.
Finally one of three large spider props complete with eight eyeballs and some bristly hair made from strands of an old broom. My stuff in the works…lot’s more to come in the following weeks. Here’s hoping the weather and my mood improve!


Mary said...

Good Lord Scott --you have been busy!!! I see the scissor mishap hasn't slowed you down LOL!!! I wish I could report that I have been going gangbusters, but I can't :( Been working here and there when I can, but I definitely gotta get my butt in gear and fast! I have so many things I'd like to do, but I guess I'll have to put them on next year's agenda. Everything's looking great on your end - as always!

take care... Mary (aka Murray)

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Holy crud! I can't believe you actually make this stuff! It's amazing!

njhrdcorechick said...

You do amazing work! I am so glad i stumbled on your site although it seems to be down at the moment i have not been able to go to it now for a few days :(
I never thought to use papermache as a prop making tool! I haven't touched the stuff since i was a kid. I can't belive how inexpensive it was either. I was able to go to my local newspaper office and they have bins and bins of outof date papers for FREE! I always used the basic old lumber and chicken wire and covered in fabric. I have been getting more and more guests at my door as the years go by telling me how much they enjoy my display. I have a halloween party every year and I can not wait for this year! You have inspired me to make my own papermache props and I am very excited! Thanks so much!


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