Saturday, September 20, 2008

Digger Redo-Reimagining!

Currently working on “reimagining” an old papier mache prop built in 1992, I went back and forth between simply restoring the thing and making him into something new.
Something new won.

Here’s a shot of Digger, an old caretaker type of skeleton that graced our yard display in 1992, after 16 years of abuse and poor storage the old boy needed a major upgrade.

After cutting Digger’s head from his body I deconstructed the eyes and mouth then added some papier mache clay and eyeballs made from tinfoil and polymer clay. The eyeball artwork was created in Photoshop and printed on plain paper.

After the papier mache clay had dried I sculpted in the details using Creative Paperclay, a product available at art and craft stores. Digger is well on his way to looking over the cemetery and pumpkin patch in our 2008 display…oh yeah, Digger will also have a bride (with boobies) that is currently in the works…more as she gets completed.

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