Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Kitchen Lab

Spent the last several days experimenting with different materials and recipes trying to come up with some new clay variations.

After a great many attempts I’ve had a few successes and many disasters. Here are a few of the clays I’ve managed to make from ordinary household materials:

Cracking Clay. I’m really excited about this clay, once applied to the surface it cracks when dry leaving a very interesting texture appropriate for skulls and bones. Unlike other materials I’ve tried, this clay does not flake, chip or fall off the prop once dry.

Smoothing Clay. A good clay for providing a very smooth surface. The wet clay will not hold any texture, but works well for areas where you desire a very smooth, almost porcelain type of surface.

Poor Man’s Version of Paperclay. This formula still needs some work but I’ve come up with a homemade version of “Creative Paperclay.” The homemade stuff is not nearly as good but it still allows for some texture sculpting and can be rolled very thin.

Still needs much experimentation.

There is still a lot of work and experimentation to be done before I will publish these recipes. They need to be recreated to make sure they work every time and much experimentation still needs to be done to see how they work with different paints and sealants. There is still considerable work to be done.


Debbie said...

I, for one am looking forward to the new recipes when you get them published. Thanks for sharing.


Dawn said...

Yes, I'm waiting patiently too... can't wait to see what the recipes are!!

Dawn said...

Me too! I am waiting patiently for the treasured recipes!


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