Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretty In Pink

So a few of you astute readers of this blog have noticed that the clay being used in some recent projects has a pinkish hue and before you ask, the answer is not that I’m trying to get into touch with my feminine side.

The reason that my clay is pinkish in color is that the cellulose fiber insulation I am using contains a lot of red paper fibers so when it’s mixed with the paste it tints the whole batch a lovely pink shade.

"Pretty in Pink" is one of my favorite movies….wait, wrong topic.

Red paper fibers equals pink clay…simple explanation.

One more thing, and this goes out to Chris Davis from Davis Graveyard….you won’t be seeing any pink glitter anytime soon, I’ll leave that to Martha Stewart.


Anonymous said...

would you mind telling me how you got that etsy widget on the sidebar? thanks!


You can get the "Etsy Mini" code on Etsy...log in..the link is on the left side under promote...called Etsy generates code that you can put on your website or blog.


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