Sunday, September 5, 2010

Project Runway

My television viewing habits are pretty non-existent except for The Weather Channel and CNN in the morning while I check email and have my coffee.

There is one exception and I will probably take some shit for posting this.

I love Project Runway.

First off I don’t much about fashion, I’m a jeans and t-shirt sort of guy…give me a pair of Reeboks and a baseball cap and that’s about as far as it goes for my fashion statement.

Secondly I don’t much about sewing or fabrics other than burlap works well to make scarecrows and tulle makes great ghosts.

Back in the 70’s I took a home economics class and made a lovely apron so I guess I’m not a complete virgin.

Project Runway rocks because it is about the only place where you can catch a glimpse of the creative process at work. (and watch the creative process fail)

Watching Project Runway forces me to think, I participate in my mind along with the contestants finding a solution to the challenge presented.

I love watching how people handle criticism and find it interesting to see who has the good sense to edit their ideas.

The show features some of typical drama found on reality television but in the end it showcases creativity and the human thought process.

Project Runway is my weekly dose of comfort, even though I don’t have a clue when it comes to fashion I can still relate to the process, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

You now know where to find me on Thursday nights!


KatHreN said...

I love project runway and this year I started watching Hair spectacular too!! The Next Best Artist was awesome too.....

Jacob said...

You might also like Bravo's Work of Art, it's Project Runway but for Art. They have to paint, sculpt, construct all in the same format with a gallery viewing instead of runway show.

The first season just ended but hopefully there will be a season 2!

Lilac Grove said...

I admit it - Project Runway is a guilty pleasure of mine too!

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Me too! My friend Seth won last year! It was soooooo cool!



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