Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mutant Mushrooms?

We have two new residents in our yard, two Giant Puffballs or if you want to get scientific, Calvatia Gigantean.

After doing a quick google search I learned that the largest one ever recorded was over eight feet in diameter and weighed close to 50lbs.

The ones in our yard aren't that big, they are about the size of a volleyball.

I also learned that they are edible...hmmmm....I love mushrooms but I think I will pass on cooking these up for dinner tonight, I get really leery when dealing with wild mushrooms.

What I would really like to do is to carve a jack o'lantern or skull face into them...then they would be welcome additions to our October yard.

In case you want to learn mere click here.


Johnny Thunder said...

Watch out they're not pods there to replace you......lol. Carved ones would be kick-ass!

Anonymous said...

That'll teach em to grow in your yard!


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