Friday, November 5, 2010

Spider Wrangling

My wife snapped this picture while I was hanging three spiders in our front tree.

She was concerned that they were high enough so nobody would hit them while walking underneath although we shared different points of view.

She was concerned somebody would get poked in the eye with one of the legs.

I was concerned that somebody would break one of the legs with their eye.

We work well together.


Pam Morris said...

:LOL: yep, you do sound like you work well together. (I think I would have been thinking more like you--don't break my creation!)


lol...sometimes my priorities get out of whack during Halloween...go figure

Tay's Mache said...

I would have been on the same page as you, Scott. Don't break my stuff, especially when you work so hard on it. LOL

The Gill-Man said...

Those spiders are wonderful!Great job!


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