Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Broken Boris

Boris had been downtown five days when someone decided to vandalize the poor guy, it looks like they either kicked or used something to bash one of his fingers.

The troll is pretty tough so it must have taken a bit of effort to punch the hole.

After talking with the bank branch manager I came back later that afternoon with my paint, brushes, clay, paste and materials to create texture.

The broken shards of mache were removed and I filled the hole with papier clay then used a small paint brush and some paste to smooth the surface until it was flush with the remaining finger.

Normally at this point I would let the clay dry, but because the piece is on display I decided to apply paint to the wet clay to match the existing paint job.

Exterior black latex was applied to the wet clay; because the clay was wet the paint essentially dyed the clay.

You can’t really dry brush wet clay so I stippled some green paint over the black with a small brush to create a textured look.

A small amount of diluted brown acrylic was washed over the green to tone it down and match the existing shades of green.


Wet painted clay.

The goal is to let this dry then do some touch up painting and small application of sealant to match the shine of the rest of the statue.

Sitting on the sidewalk playing with papier mache as people walk by, it doesn’t get any better than this. 


Dave Lowe said...

Let's hope not true vandalism and just some random accident. Kudos to you for jumping on it right away and fixing.

Ghoulie Girls said...

::sigh:: Why does there always have to be one idiot?

The minute I saw the headline I knew you had already arrived to administer Papier Mache CPR. Great rescue and I'm glad Boris is on the mend!

Pixie said...

Poor Boris! Glad you got him sorted.

Pam Morris said...

I get so tired of hearing about the endless supply of morons in this world--BIG SIGH--but the repair work to my favorite little troll looks fantastic!

Agnija said...

Wow! It's amazing that you can see the positive in this. I'd've been upset! Nice save though.

Ghoul Friday said...

Like Dave, I hope it was an accident. But if it's vandalism, I hope your quick fix dissuade others from causing further damage.

Dave the Dead said...

Ont the spot repairs to your work...artistic talent doesn't get any more personal than that. And as dave lowe said, let's hope it wasn't intentional, and hope even more it doesn't happen again!

GoneferalinID said...

Vandalism is the lamest thing a person could do. Idiot.

The Frog Queen said...

:( That is not good. Some people make me very sad.

You have a great attitude and I really appreciate that. Thanks for doing this for the community and not losing heart. You are truly an artist. (not that you did not know that already :D)


ZombieBob said...

Malicious vandal returns in the dark of night, lifts leg to hammer boot into the troll...cue the scary music, and suddenly Boris' hand shoots out to grab it...fade to black... :)

aSmarterU said...

Glad you were able to repair it so fast. Too bad you had to in the first place. :(

Dawn (Nickols Manor/Wacky Whimsy) said...

I'm just truly shocked at how these trolls are being treated, just craziness. Love your attitude about it though - that rocks. :)


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