Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trolls: The New Batch

More trolls were installed downtown this past week, more concepts, more styles and more fun.

Acrobat Troll and "Mer" Dog. This guy is still missing the "Mer" Dog.

King Putt. 

RVB the Fisherman. Love the hair.

Spindle the Recycled bicycle Troll. Proudly displayed in front of a downtown bike shop.

Woodn't You Want A Kiss From Me?  Intricate wood carving troll.


Ghoulie Girls said...

These are wacky fun! My fave in this bunch is King Putt :D

Anonymous said...

King Putt was my favorite too until I got to the wood carving.... WOAH! It's a bit of a different style than the others, but holy wow thats a lot of intricate detail for a huge wood carving! Love this series.


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