Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solar Troll Power

Right about now you are probably gagging at the thought of another troll post.

Yes I know that this is like the 15th post regarding trolls this year, hang in there I’ve only got a couple more after this one.

In the future I will post about the automotive poly-coat used to protect the sculptures, tomorrow there will be six new trolls debuting downtown, Friday I will be at a Loons game (minor league baseball game) where all the troll artists will be recognized on the field and finally the auction in September.

In addition I’m sure there will be things that pop up this summer that warrant some sort of mention so be prepared for a few more troll topics.

The good news is that my next project is nearing completion and it’s completely, 100% certifiably Halloween related.

Scary stuff…dark stuff…the stuff of goose bumps.

But for now another blurb about the troll sculptures.

Two of the artists did something very cool, they incorporated solar powered lighting into their sculptures.

Mean and green and sure to grab your attention after dark.

“Garden Granna” features some LED lights strewn throughout her foliage hair and “The Band of Trolls” features chaser lights powered by the sun.

Kudos to the creative thinking. 

1 comment:

The Frog Queen said...

I LOVE the troll posts. Actually I just love your work...I am in an endless state of wonder on how you can do what you do. So bring it on.

Thanks for sharing the other Trolls, both of those are amazing and clever.

Not as clever as yours of course :)

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to you next creations!



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