Thursday, July 30, 2009

And We All Fall Down . . .

To continue with my string of prop destruction posts I present the latest, one of the Sentinels in the works for Halloween 2009.

Unlike the cauldron which was deliberately destroyed the Sentinel was an accident caused by yours truly because I accidently moved one of the weights that were keeping them in an upright position.

The Sentinels were originally created for The Mad Lab this past spring. Several weeks ago I decided to improve them by adding some detailing to the skulls, arms and wings and they were now ready for the next step which was to apply cloth coated with Monster Mud giving each statue a very heavy looking hood and robe.
The Sentinels are going to be used to top off some new columns being made for our cemetery entrance.

After making my “improvements” and adding additional clay the statues became very front heavy and while being stored in our garage one of them decided to fall off of a table and land face forward on the cement garage floor.

Considering their weight and the distance it fell I’m lucky there wasn’t more damage as only the arms and fingers suffered major breaks. The mid section of the Sentinel also buckled so I added some more clay for support. All things considered I got off pretty lucky but have to be a little more careful in the future.


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PumpkinBrain said...

Oh crap!
Sorry to hear about that. I hope you can fix it.


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