Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Downtown is HOPPIN'

The 2009 Summer Sculpture Series in Midland, MI features frogs created by local artists. The frogs will be displayed downtown through September 17, 2009.

I always enjoy the Summer Sculpture Series because it’s a chance to see many different approaches to the same subject matter. Past series have included trolls, foxes and dragons. This year artists were given the choice between working with a prefabricated fiberglass sculpture or creating their own. The frogs represent a variety of techniques and materials ranging from metal sculpture to foam carving.

On September 17th at 7pm the frogs will be auctioned off with the proceeds being used to present next summer’s sculpture series.

"Lillian The Amphibian"


"Peace Frog"

"Red-Eyed Leafer"

"Midland's Glory"

"Toadally Rockin'"

"Tongue Tied"

"Sharp Shooter"

"It's A Living"-One of my favorites

"The Looney Star Gazer"


The Frog Queen said...

Of course, those pictures made my day!! :D



Glad to have helped make your day a little brighter!


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