Saturday, July 18, 2009

Q&A: Tombstone Eye Lights

Questions regarding my projects and papier mache regularly fill my mailbox. In an effort to answer these questions and share information some of these questions will be regularly featured on this blog.

Arlita wrote:

“This will be my first year trying papier mache thanks to you. I am going to try making your tombstones if I have the basics I do well expanding on them. If I could draw my limits would be endless it will just take me a little longer.
I have a couple questions was wondering what lights you used for the eyes? Also would like to know how you got a print out of the iris/pupils have seen them before but not able to find them.”

The lights used in the Character Tombstone eyes were simply miniature Christmas tree bulbs. I used a small strand containing 10 bulbs and inserted two of the bulbs into holes drilled into the eye area. The remaining bulbs just hung on the backside of the tombstone. Many dollar stores carry miniature tree lights year round in the craft section.
The eyeballs I use for my props are my own creations using Photoshop. There are several downloadable sources for eyeballs.
You can check out my friend Kim aka beadyeyebrat's site and print some eyballs.
Feel free to use my eyeballs if you wish, simply click on this link to get the full sized image for printing.

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MarZel said...

Thank you. I really enjoy your tutorial, show and tell kinds of posts about your art!!! KEWL!


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