Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The End Of A Cauldron

One of my props went away a couple of weeks ago.

It was decision that neither made me happy nor made me sad. It was a matter of fact undertaking, something that needed to be done and the time seemed right.

In 2007 I built a large cauldron from papier mache and monster mud.
The cauldron measured over four feet high and four feet high, large enough that an adult could hide inside.

The problem came about when it came time to store the beast. No matter what the thing took up a 4’x4’ space in our garage and it was just too dang heavy to store in the rafters.
After several years of having stuff stored on top of the cauldron and being constantly dinged by bicycles the time came to put it down.

It was beyond repair and did I mention that it was heavy?
Too large and too weighty for one person to move, the decision was relatively easy.

Step One: Let the kids kick the hell out of it. An oversized piñata without the candy I guess.

Step Two: Throw the scraps on the bonfire in the backyard and vow to never build a prop too large to store properly. The fire seemed the proper end to this particular prop and all things considered I’m not really too bothered about its absence because in my mind I’m simply making room for something new.

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The Frog Queen said...

I hear ya! I am glad to hear your take on a prop that, well...is past it's usefulness.

I have a set of angel wings (made out of the same stuff, mostly) that are going to meet the same fate.



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