Saturday, July 16, 2011


Still of Lin Shaye and Leigh Whannell in Insidious

Typically I shy away from giving my opinion on movies because my taste usually does not reflect the opinion of a lot of other haunters out there.

Trick or Treat is a prime example…I really didn’t care for this film but most of my online friends raved about the movie. 

Everybody is entitled to their opinion which is what makes the world great.

I saw Insidious in the theater with my two sons and really liked what I saw.

(pun intended in the previous sentence)

It was solid, it was creepy and in several places it was just plain odd.

Odd is good, kudos to those that have the balls to do something different.

I liked the story, I liked the scares and I liked the cast.

The film felt small, intimate and aware of its purpose which was to scare you silly.

It worked.

Insidious is a small film loaded with an arsenal of creative ideas especially when it shows the way psychics translate what they are experiencing.

Lin Shaye plays a psychic which helps the family with their crisis and I must say I completely adored the character, she was my new Zelda Rubinstein.

Add a gas mask to the equation and you have genius.

The movie played as well or even better on Blu Ray as on the second and third viewing I saw how all the pieces of the puzzle were well thought out.

Insidious is a well crafted film.

I want more of these types of films.

Forget the remakes and give me original ideas that deliver the goods.

For a film that cost about 1.5 million it showed that good ideas trump everything.

Insidious now ranks up there with Poltergeist as one of my favorite scary films.

Add Drag Me To Hell and you’ve got a kick ass triple feature. 


Yalco (Chris) said...

Thanks for the endorsement of Insidious. I really wanted to see it in theaters, but it never worked out. Sounds like you and I have similar taste in moves. I too thought Trick or Treat was disappointing. Drag Me to Hell is one of my recent favorites, and I lost track of how many times I saw Poltergeist as a kid. I think a drive to Blockbuster is in my future this swelteringly hot weekend.

BTW: You mache work is incredible!

Tay's Mache said...

Hey Scott, I didn't really like Trick or Treat either. It was really boring to me. I liked the idea of how everything has a evil halloween side to it in every "story" but it didn't do anything like Insidious did. Insidious is ranked up with a lot of the classics for me.

Dio said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about Insidious - I was putting off watching it because of the lukewarm reviews from other people, but when you endorsed it, I went to rent it immediately!
Am watching it for a second time now and, as with the first time, have to pause and walk around the house before watching more!
Trick or Treat was mostly a disappointment for me (another reason your review of Insidious rated so highly), so what a thrill to to find a movie that is actually a roller-coaster ride of scares!


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