Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleepy Hollow Bookshop

Anyone that follows my blog knows that I adore both books and art.

The planets must have aligned last Thursday because one of my favorite places in Midland featured not only an incredible selection of used books but also some terrific fantasy artwork rendered in chalk.

The favorite place in question is Sleepy Hollow Bookshop located at 22 Ashman Circle in Midland, Michigan.

Our city has a large Barnes and Nobles in the mall which is a great place to hang out…but…if you desire something a little quainter you need to visit Sleepy Hollow Bookshop.

According to the owner the store contains at least 55,000 books at last count.

The shelves go from floor to ceiling and there isn’t a spot in the entire store where books don’t fill your entire field of vision.

The selection is diverse and chances are pretty good you will find what you are seeking.

My previous trip was to purchase a copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune so I could read it again for the umpteenth time and sure enough they had several good condition copies to choose from all at very reasonable prices.

Now what about that unicorn in front of the store?

Seems every now and then during the summer months a couple of artists will create some beautiful fantasy artwork on the cement in front of the store.

Chalk is the medium and the artwork will remain until the next downpour.

Sleepy Hollow Bookshop has been buying and trading books since 1996.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website for more information.


Ghoulie Girls said...

Jealous! What a charming store!

Borders started liquidating today. We are getting another used book store (we have one but it's not so good) so I do have something to look forward to.

Countess VonRauber said...

That unicorn is majestic! thanks for sharing!


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