Friday, August 21, 2009


Set your “wayback” dial to the year 2005. While browsing some old digital photos I found these gems from a few years back.

The photos showcase some of my first papier mache skulls made with the template system.

Granted it’s not the most show stopping display the world has ever seen but there are a few things I like …such as the twinkle lights wrapped around the corn shocks and the simple corrugated cardboard tombstones.

Even small displays celebrating all things scary are good.


Skellyton Art said...

Wow! What an amazing Creepy artist! You have stolen my heart! I am so glad I found you! Thanks for following my blog, I am honored. I am adding you to my list immediately! Hail Halloween! :)

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, I will never tire of looking at your work. What a constant inspiration you are. Actually, agree with you, those simple tombstone look perfect.

As always, great work. Looking forward to seeing what you will do this year.


Anonymous said...

really cool. i wish i have enough money and talent to set up my house like that.
Check out my horror movie blog for horror movie news and the occasional creepy treasure!
thank you!

Dr. Frankenstein said...

These are some of the best Halloween display images I've ever seen on the web. Very professional. Kudos and Happy Halloween.


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