Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Blame . . .

. . .Fangoria magazine for all the woes in my life.

I blame Fangoria for some of my poor grades in college because I was too busy reading about Jamie Lee Curtis to study.

I blame Fangoria for the thousands of dollars I have spent on horror merchandise, books, music and movies.

I blame Fangoria for the lack of storage space in my workshop because I refuse to get rid of any issues.

I blame Fangoria magazine for my ongoing love of all things horror.

Ok, maybe the word “blame” is not appropriate. A better word would be “thank.”

I thank Fangoria for years of news, photos and inspiration.

Recently I pulled my 130 or so issues of Fangoria from storage and spent some time reading through 20 plus years of horror goodness.

At first I was dismayed, i.e. pissed that several of the earlier copies were missing the covers then I remembered that some of the early issues featured posters. The posters used to hang on the walls during my college days; yes, I was a chick magnet back in the day.

Reading past articles was pure joy and brought back a flood of memories. One of my favorite sections was the Starlog Trading Post or classified ads, oh how I would spend hours looking at the various books, t-shirts and other assorted goodies offered for sale; I had to have the latest book by Tom Savini or Dick Smith.

Thanks Fangoria for fueling a long running passion for horror!

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R said...

Good times, Scott. Good times. :-)


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