Sunday, August 30, 2009

Q&A: How Do You . . . ?

Questions regarding my projects and papier mache regularly fill my mailbox. In an effort to answer these questions and share information some of these questions will be regularly featured on this blog.

Eric wrote:

“How do you do your paper mache? What is the mix you use? What is paper mache clay? I did not see it in your web site.”

Mindie wrote:

“I love your pumpkins! I was wanting to know which paper mache recipes you use. “

Juan also wrote:

“For the clay recipe you ask for paste, is that the paste from the mache recipe or a different type of paste. Your stuff is great thanks for the help.”

The answers are found in a post on my website called The Basics.
The article covers paste and clay recipes, templates and weatherproofing.

Hope this helps.

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