Sunday, August 30, 2009

Q&A: Demon Templates

Questions regarding my projects and papier mache regularly fill my mailbox. In an effort to answer these questions and share information some of these questions will be regularly featured on this blog.

Heather wrote:

“I was wondering what you used for the stencil in the demon skulls? and if you have any pointers. I was having a bit of trouble with them. “

The demon designs are a variation on the skull templates I regularly use when creating props requiring human like faces.

My advice would be to create a basic skull template using the directions found here. Replace the human eye sockets and such with your own version of what you believe a demon would look like; think sharp angled eye sockets and noses. Play around with your design and remember that your two dimensional concept will ultimately be rendered in three dimensions.

I’ve been asked repeatedly if I will send or supply templates or patterns for projects and I always answer no, it’s not because I’m being stingy or selfish but rather the template design should be your own creation, the result of your imagination, not mine.

Have fun with the process, you will surprise (and impress) yourself with the result.

Hope this helps.

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