Saturday, April 10, 2010

Assembly Line October 2007

Browsing some old files and found some photos from October 2007 showing the last minute creation of arms, hands, ribs, spiders, coffin and zombie skulls.

The whole endeavor became a family affair as we pushed to get everything completed in time for our annual display.

The photos show my “modular” approach to my large standing creatures, the arms/hands, ribs and skulls are each created separately then attached to a wood frame made from 2x4’s.

This method allows for quick set-up and makes storage much more manageable.

One of the smarter things I did that year was to put a small hook into the end of each arm/hand so that each piece could be hung while drying/painting and sealing.


MarZel said...

What fabulous photos... great organization and ideas. This is quiet the display you have going. I bet it is something you work on all year!!

The Frog Queen said...

Absolutely amazing....thanks for sharing everything....everything but the spider. Yes, I saw them. Those are big....and scary!



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