Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Find

My wife really knows her way around garage sales and she proved it this past weekend when she presented me with three rainspout gargoyles.

Each gargoyle is heavy weight, nicely detailed and the moment I saw them I uttered “Toscano?”

Yes, these gems come from Toscano Design and are called “Roland the Gargoyle Sculptural Rainspout", available on their website for $19.95 each.

Garage sale price 3 for $10.00, sweet!

As I said, my wife knows her garage sales.

Check out the cool stuff at Design Toscano.


Auburn~haired~artist said...

Amazingly cool ! I love shopping Garage sales !

halloween spirit said...

I'm jealous! My garage sale expeditions never turn out that well }:/

Jonty said...

Cool find, very nice indeed lol.

Lorell Lehman said...

I have never found anything this cool at a garage sale! Nice find!


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