Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Peek Behind The Scenes

A peek behind the scenes of our Halloween 2009 setup where we battled massive rainfall, cold weather and 40 mph winds, enjoy the photos taken by my oldest son of our funfilled day (and night).


Dawn said...

Omigosh, that makes me tired just THINKING about it!!! I just don't know if I could do this insane thing called Halloween for just 12 hours! It would take me a week of bedrest to recover from one day of putting it all out, getting it perfect, passing out candy and scaring people, then packing it up. Big, BIG Kudos to you and your family!!

Smilodonna said...

Thank goodness for family and friends! Considering how many haunters were plagued with major weather woes on the big night I'm glad your display survived. So any great pieces! I particularly love those sentinels (the drape off their shrouds is lovely). And the little green skeletal ghoul popping out of the pumpkin really caught my eye, as well as the big purple-blue guy and gal ghouls.


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