Friday, April 9, 2010

Witch Sculpts Revisited

A few years back I used the technique of papier maching over clay sculptures to create my trio of witch characters.

While reviewing these photos it struck me that I really would like to play with this technique again, it was fun and I enjoy sculpting with clay although it’s something I don’t do very often.

The technique is dependable as long as you use a good release agent so the papier mache does not stick to the clay; otherwise it becomes a tedious mess trying to scrape the clay from the dried paper.

I’m thinking some new creatures, not witches but something different for the 2010 display.


MarZel said...

Fabulous sculpts!!

Lyman said...

Now I'm intrigued; do you paper mache over clay in order to make a copy?

Looking great, by the way.


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