Saturday, April 3, 2010

So I'm in Lowes....

So I’m in Lowes with my wife the other evening buying some flat black latex paint to finish my $20 prop entry.

I’m at the register buying my gallon can of Olympic premium paint for $15.41 cents when the cashier hands me a $5 rebate for the purchase.

I’m ecstatic because I’m working on a tight budget and the five dollar savings will really help and before I know it I have spent the last couple minutes explaining to the cashier why I’m so happy.

The cashier is very polite as she listens to me blabber on about building a Halloween prop and having to account for every penny, little did I notice the glaze develop over her eyes as she silently nodded along with everything I said.

On the way out to the car I looked at my wife and said, “She didn’t really care what I was saying did she?” My wife looked at me and said, “Not a bit.”

Then it struck me.

Every time I go into Lowes to pick up some prop building material I always find myself explaining to the employees why I’m buying the particular item whether it be drywall joint compound, PVC or cellulose fiber insulation. In all fairness I’m usually prompted by a comment such as “So are you putting up drywall?”

Rather than simply nodding I always find it necessary to explain that I’m using the joint compound to make Monster Mud which of course leads to an explanation of Monster Mud and all it’s glory.

The story is the same no matter what material I'm buying.

I like to think that I’m educating the staff of Lowes in the wonders of Halloween prop building but deep down I know my wife is right, nobody really cares, not even a little bit.


Dawn said...

Jayson does the EXACT same thing - and I tell him the same thing your wife says... LOL

Ghoul Friday said...

I know most of them don't care.

But I'll bet one or two see you and say (to themselves or a coworker) "It's the Halloween dude".

And I think that evens it all out ;)

Smilodonna said...

Well, we certainly care :). But, as has been brought up time and time again in the online Halloween communities, it's like any hobby/obsession - unless you're talking to someone who matches your level of interest or at least shares some degree of that passion, rambling details will result in the dreaded 'vacant glazed expression.' Can't say I've had much experience with the problem, but then it probably helps that I'm an introvert and so only let loose if the other person keeps enthusiastically fueling the conversation. Just don't let it lessen your own enthusiasm; the Lowes employees may not share the Halloween passion, but your fellow haunters are more than willing to make up for that!


lol, I hope I didn't sound like I was slamming Lowe's employees, they are great...the post about my silly habit of over explaining everything to should see me in the grocery store when I'm buying flour..."so you baking""no I'm actually ...."

Jayson said...

Don't change your ways. It all becomes worthwhile when you run into the one Lowes/HomeDepot/Menards employee who gets it.

Two years ago I was caught daydreaming by an employee in the Lowes plumbing department. When asked if I needed any help, I fessed up and unleashed all of the details and reasons why I was wandering around aimlessly looking at items.

Turns out the guy was a Scout Master and had done similar things himself. We spent the next two hours designing and redesigning how a 10 ft tall prop should be built before I actually walked out of the place with my parts.

Dawn says the guys is an enabler, but I don't know what that means.

She meant that in a good way right?


Jayson...great story..nothing wrong with an long as it pertains to prop building :)

The Frog Queen said...

So fun to hear yours (and everyone elses) stories. After years of almost the same thing...people trying to explain..

especially why I keep sticker of how to tint the black paint color that we use, cause it is special. Everytime I pull that sticker out of my wallet (we also have a lid on a paint can that we keep on a hook in the shop incase one of the crew has to make a paint run!) they wonder....why do you have this? And why are you so keen to get it back? (If they forget to give it to me when I pick up my paint...I make them find it!

Anyway, we have several times tried to explain why I need 10 sheets of foam, rebar, pvc pipe and black paint....again.

No one cares at Home Depot or Lowes cares.....does not stop me if someone asks though :D


ShellHawk said...

I'm guilty of the same thing. I'm lucky, though. Closer to The Season, a few of them actually show interest.


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