Wednesday, March 9, 2011

C.R.A.P. Files 007

More goodies from the orange bin, the theme this time is things on four wheels.

There is nothing cooler than Matchbox cars, that is until you add some legendary movie villains.

Freddy and Jason are part of Matchbox Collectibles Character Car Collection-The Monster Series.

Freddy is standing on top of a Chevy Van while Jason perched on a Jeep Cherokee.

A couple other four wheeled gems are some Little Big Head Shredders.

The Wolfman, Invisible Man, Mummy and Dracula all doing their best Tony Hawk imitation.

The entire collection also includes Frankenstein and The Creature From The Black Lagoon, I’m pretty sure I have these guys also, I’m assuming they are packed away in the garage with all the other C.R.A.P.

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The Gill-Man said...

Monsters on wheels!!! What more could you ask for??


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