Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love of Pen & Ink

During my high school art class years one of my true loves was pen & ink.

Pen & ink was my favorite two-dimensional medium.

Recently I got the urge to work with this medium again, something in my brain clicked and my desire to work with pen & ink reared it’s lovely head.

One of my favorite techniques was stippling, using small ink dots to create an image.

As a test to see if this was something I would still enjoy doing I did a “quick” piece using cardstock and a Sharpie ultra fine point pen.

Buried someplace in my subconscious are some very intricate illustrations needing to come out, these will be done on heavy illustration board with fine point dip pens and a bottle of ink.

This quick test made me realize I still love this technique and while the end result is less than fantastic I think I will push forward and try my hand at several pieces.

Got the bug to explore some different creative outlets…let the exploration begin.


The Frog Queen said...

Really? I hate you! I mean that in the most positive way!!

You are a master.....I should have not slack in art class....I knew that at the time.....but I was an idiot!!

...and you friend are NOT!

Thanks for sharing your brilliance with us!



Thanks Chris...actually more like Jack Of All Trades...


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