Monday, March 7, 2011

Mostly . . .

Speaking of oversized books here are a couple more of my favorites featuring some incredible artwork.

The two books are Mostly Ghostly and Mostly Monsters, the stories are adapted and retold by Steven Zorn and the illustrations are by John Bradley.

Each book features eight stories adapted from well known authors such as Washington Irving and Charles Dickens.

The stories come to life with beautiful and inspiring full color illustrations, a treat for fans of ghouls and beasties.

Mostly Ghostly was published in 1991 and Mostly Monsters in 1994 by Running Press.

Both books can be found on Amazon.


The Gill-Man said...

I know my kids have brought home Mostly Ghostly from the school library before. Some really fantastic illustrations!

Pam Morris said...

ha! those are great(love that bat!) now, please stop 'cause I just had to go order those as well! :)


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