Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Frame

While digging through some old photos for my next post I came across these photo frames made in 2004.

File this under “crafts.”

For whatever reason I felt compelled to make some frames for some of our 2004 Halloween snapshots, the frames are very quick, simple and cheap, a fun rainy day project if you so desire.

The frame was cut from heavy corrugated cardboard then spray painted black.

Next the caption was printed from a computer on plain copy paper, white type over a black background.

The caption was cut from the printout then glued to the black cardboard frame.

Next the frames were adorned with some creepy accessories perfect for the Halloween subject.

The first frame was covered with cheesecloth that had been coated in white glue, sort of cobweb themed style frame.

The next frame was adorned with strips of crinkled wax paper coated in white glue, sort of a mummy wrap theme happening

The final frame was decorated with spider webs made from hot glue.

The hot glue webs were formed by “drawing” the webs in a shallow cookie sheet filled with cold water.

The cold water makes the glue harden immediately and prevents sticking….hold the nozzle of the hot glue gun an inch or so above the surface of the water and create your web.

Quick, simple and cheap….and sort of cool.

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